ALTERED REALITY: WAR - It began in The Rhode Warrior #1, continued in Altered Reality Showcase and Altered Reality Origins, and it now comes to a stunning conclusion! Rhode Warrior, Osprey, Dr. Aquatic, ROX, The LARC, and the entire Altered Reality pantheon of heroes face off against Big Horn and his legions of minions in a battle that will forever change their world!

Cover By Craig Rousseau and Nate Lovett

Art By: Chris Campana, Sean Forney, Jay Kennedy, Hannibal King, Ian Chase Nichols, Douglas Paszkiewicz, Joe St.Pierre, Reggie Themistocle, Alan Weiss, Rich Woodall

Written and Edited By: Ian Chase Nichols
Published by Altered Reality Comics

Cover Price: $4.99

Altered Reality: WAR

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