PROfiles: Creators That Helped Shape AR Comics Universe: ALAN WEISS

AR Comics has had the pleasure of working with acclaimed and phenomenal creators that have helped to shape and establish some of the most iconic characters in the history of comics. This series focuses on those great artists and writers that have helped shape the Altered Reality Comics Universe so far...


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Alan began his career at Warren Publishing in the pages of Creepy Magazine #35. Alan's ability, skill, and knack for explosive visuals were immediately evident. Alan would go on to work for all of the major publishers in the comics industry, as well as numerous independent companies. His exquisite line art and mastery of the human figure would appear in the pages of Avengers (Marvel), Spider-Man (Marvel), Sub-Mariner (Marvel), Shazam (DC), Image's Next Issue Project, Alan Moore's Tom Strong (ABC/Wildstorm), Warlock (Marvel), Kull (Marvel), Jack Kirby's The Shield (Red Circle/Archie), and many, many, other incredible comics.

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Alan also drew the first comic magazine appearance of the band KISS in the pages of this Marvel Comics Super Special.

In addition to illustrating, Alan would create and co-create a large number of characters. Some of the most well-known came in the pages of Marvel comics. Alan helped create Deadly Nightshade, who would later appear in the Netflix Luke Cage series. In Amazing Spider-Man he co-created Calypso, and for Epic, Marvel's creator-owned line, he created Steelgrip Starkey. Alan has a whole stable of his own characters and concepts that he has created for his own imprint, Surreal Deal.

Pages from Captain America #164--the first appearance of Deadly Nightshade

Pages from Captain America #164--the first appearance of Deadly Nightshade

Pages from Captain America #164--the first appearance of Deadly Nightshade

Opening Page from Amazing Spider-Man #206--the first appearance of Calypso

Alan made his triumphant return to the pages of Marvel Comics with the most recent issue of MARVEL #3. He returned to write and draw a phenomenal Sub-Mariner story that evokes the truths of Bill Everett's original creation while reaching new dynamic heights that could only be reached by Mr. Weiss.

Alan also provided this variant cover for the book.

In 2017, Alan's incredible work graced the pages of our very own book ALTERED REALITY WAR with a pinup of another undersea adventurer, Dr. Aquatic! Here's a look at the terrific line art in its original form, as well as the published pinup that was colored by Sean Forney. You can order a copy directly from us in the AR Comics Store.


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